Friday, July 1, 2016

All But Normal by Shawn Thornton – A Book Review

Recently, I was provided a complimentary copy of the book, All But Normal by Shawn Thornton, in exchange for my honest review.  I always enjoy reading about true life stories written by Christians and how they use their faith to overcome obstacles. All but Normal is such a book. The author, Shawn Thornton, has compiled a memoir about the life of his mother, Bev Thornton and her difficult journey into the world of mental illness. After a tragic automobile accident, Mrs. Thornton becomes someone the family doesn’t quite recognize. Once a gentle, loving woman, Bev Thornton, begins to display uncontrollable fits of anger. She throws things and uses filthy language. Her family struggles to understand and love her in spite of these changes but it is extremely difficult.
Pastor Shawn Thornton

As I read the book, I could sympathize with the author. His open and honest writing allowed me to step into his world and experience the things he was experiencing. When the objects flew across the room, I wanted to duck with him. When the curse words were flung into the air, I cringed along with Shawn.

This real life journey through a life changing trial was captured moment by moment through eyes of love and faith. The author, Shawn Thornton, gave readers a very vivid portrayal of the reality of crisis but also, how faith in Christ can allow a person to rise above circumstances and love the unlovable.

I was very impressed by the authenticity of the author’s faith and would highly recommend this book to anyone who may be interested in studying mental illness, real life experiences, or journeys of faith. Mr. Thornton has a wonderful talent for weaving his faith throughout the story. The book is a very quick read and once started, is hard to put down.

I would like to thank Tyndale House Publishers for allowing me the opportunity to review this book. I was not encouraged to write a positive review. For more information on author, Shawn Thornton, please feel free to visit the sites below: 

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