Things to EXPECT emotionally:
To miss my family, church family and frie
To cry a lot
For my heart to be softened
Things to EXPECT spiritually:
Long chats with the Lord
Spiritual discipline
To sing to the Lord a new song
That the Lord will birth new songs in my heart
Lots of reflection time
To see God in creation that will lead me into His presence
To lean upon Him even more than I currently do
That there will be spiritual attacks
That my heart will be broken to the things that breaks the Lords

Things to EXPECT in the team:
That we will see a empowerment of the Holy Spirit
That we will break down walls together in Jesus name
That we will see miracles
That we will be united together through the power of prayer
To go through hard times together
That we will hurt one another but be able to forgive before the sun goes down
That love will be written on our hearts
That we will all try to respect one another
That will speak words that will only uplift and encourage each other
That we will all be friends for a long time after the race is done
To share our deepest thoughts and emotions
To see change in all of our lives
To see vulnerability
To share everything just like the Acts church
That we will all use our God given gifts and abilities
That the Lord will use our team to make deep impact inChina

Things to EXPECT on the field:
To be stretch
To be exhausted
Have an emotional breakdown sometime on the journey
To love unconditionally
To learn to listen with my heart
To hold people in my arms
To cry with people
To see injustice
Make new friends from around the world

Things to EXPECT that are typical of me:
To make a fool out of myself
To fall many times
To laugh and make fun of myself
To be a little afraid and unsure of myself
To make fun of myself and laugh things off
To get confused
To get lost a time or two.

I EXPECT the UNEXPECTED. Who knows what God is going to do while on the trip. We are all just a bunch of crazy, foolish, radical, revolutionary people with a heart to serve the Lord and to build His Kingdom. Some may call us strange but deep down they know that we got something they don't. We will influence, we will bring change, we will break chains. Are you excited yet? I know I am! Can you hear the sound of revival? Holy Spirit unleash your power around us.