Thursday, December 29, 2016

I Can With I AM Sheila M. Luck, a book review

Sheila Luck's book, I Can With I AM, is a wonderful book. It's small but filled with Biblical truths and practical helps. I received a preview copy of this book from Aneko Press in exchange for my honest review and it's my honor to give it a big thumbs up!

As I read Sheila's book, I was impressed with her optimism. She admits she didn't always feel this way but felt a deep desire to be somebody. It took her years to understand her definition of being somebody and God's definition of the same thing were vastly different. She says, "Simply by our faith in Jesus Christ, we are somebody. But it doesn't end there. With God, the Great I AM, we can become somebody by the way we live. We can make a real difference in the world around us."

Throughout her book, Ms. Luck helps the reader understand God is the One who sets the plans for our lives. She quotes Jeremiah 29:11 from the Holy Bible and reminds us God's plans are good for us. They are plans to prosper us and not to harm us. They are plans to give us a hope and a future. Ms. Luck includes an example of her daughter, Chelsy, and how she discovered God's plan for her life through stepping out in obedience. Chelsy had no idea why she felt the need to travel to Guatemala but as she surrendered to God's will, she found complete peace in her decision.

Sheila says we must do what we can. She says it's important to understand the concept, "start doing what I can where I am. What I can is something i can do today, with the time, materials, and skills I have today. It is step one. Maybe if I take step one, step two will become apparent, and the means to accomplish step two will become available."

I Can With I AM, is a book that helps the reader first grasp the concept of the great I AM by explaining a little more about God's character and plans for our lives. By using Scripture throughout her book, we don't have to assume Ms. Luck knows what she's talking about. The very Words of Christ give clear direction to the reader on how to live, how to love, and how to show compassion to others.

Each chapter of the book goes into great detail on understanding how we, as Christians, can learn to follow the example of Christ and live out that example in our daily lives. One of my favorite chapters in her book was titled Love God Out Loud. Ms. Luck says, in that chapter, "When we love, it causes us to do things for the one we love. We love out loud." I'd never thought about my love for others being displayed in action but as Sheila points out, "Love is a verb, a word of action."

Along with her practical instructions on how to walk in love, Ms. Luck also gives helpful tips on carefully loving. Using the example of her relationship with her daughters, Ms. Luck explains that sometimes, when she offers to help, her daughters see her wanting to help as criticism. She says, "sometimes unsolicited help is viewed in the same manner. Our daughters occasionally view my help as criticism. Their perception is that I don't believe they're sufficiently competent to handle the situation on their own. That is not my intent. In my heart, I'm trying to help make their lives more pleasant." As I read this, I felt like Ms. Luck was describing a recent situation with one of my children. I was impressed, as I continued to read, her next piece of advice - "To do love, in the most loving way, we must understand what the one we love wants us to do, and not just assume we know what's best." Wow! I'd never thought of that concept before. I would certainly implement it at the next opportunity to assist my daughters.

If I had to sum up the message contained in I CAN with I AM, I'd have to say Ms. Luck wants the reader to understand the capability to do anything rests in the strength God provides. As we understand who we are in Christ and how He equips us to love others, we can do anything if we are only willing.

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Overcoming Life by D. L. Moody, a book review

Dwight Lyman Moody was one of the greatest evangelists of all time. He was the sixth child in a family of nine children, and was born February 5, 1837, in the town of Northfield, Massachusetts. After accepting Christ, his passion for seeing others come to know and love the Lord consumed him and caused him to work diligently to see the gospel spread far and wide. 

In his book, The Overcoming Life, D. L. Moody presents practical information on how to live a life that not only pleases the Lord, but one that overcomes life lived in the world. He helps the reader understand we are constantly in battle. He explains how to recognize the battle and equips us to fight it. Not only does he equip us to fight, he provides detailed strategies on learning to live life abundantly.  

According to Moody, the Christian life is a life of conflict and warfare. We can only fight by living a life of faith in Jesus Christ. Moody says, "A young believer can often become discouraged and disheartened when he realizes this warfare. He begins to think that God has forsaken him, and that Christianity is not all that it claims to be. Instead, he should consider it an encouraging sign. No sooner has a soul escaped from his snare than the great adversary takes steps to ensnare it again. He utilizes all his power to recapture his lost prey. The fiercest attacks are made on the strongest forts. The fierce battles the young believer is called on to wage is the evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit in his heart. God will not desert him in his time of need any more than He deserted His people of old when they were hard pressed by their foes."  

D. L. Moody presents Biblical information throughout his book that equips the reader to not only understand how to live a life that pleases Christ but how to life a life that overcomes all obstacles the enemy presents on a daily basis. He gives a list of internal and external foes the believer has to constantly face and explains each one in great detail. Regarding internal foes, Moody says, "An enemy inside the fort is far more dangerous than one outside." As I read this statement, I realized how very true his statement to be. Some of the internal foes included in Moody's list are temper, covetousness, and pride. External foes, Moody explains, are found listed in the Bible in the first chapter of John chapter 2 verses 16-17. "For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passes away and the lust thereof, but he that does the will of God abides forever." A few traits from the list of external foes include pleasure, worldly habits, and persecution. 

Not only does Mr. Moody want us to understand our enemy and how to fight the battle, he wants us to learn valuable lessons from a life of repentance. By understanding how to ask for God's forgiveness and accept His free gift of grace, the reader learns all aspects of successful Christian living. 

I found this book to be a wonderful teaching tool on living an abundant life in Christ. Mr. Moody's evangelistic heart shone brightly throughout each chapter. His clear and concise explanations would prove helpful to not only the baby Christian, but also to the mature person of faith. 

I would like to thank Aneko Press for providing me with this complementary copy of  The Overcoming Life in exchange for my honest review. I was not encouraged to provide a positive review but it is my pleasure to give this book a big thumbs up. It is important for believers to walk in victory and the lessons included in this book will help them do just that. 

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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp, a book review

I love Ann Voskamp's books. Her book 1000 gifts is one of my all time favorites so you can imagine my excitement when she released her newest book, The Broken Way. Ann has a unique perspective on things and always manages to find a deeper spiritual insight where most of us merely miss them.

The Broken Way grabbed my attention as soon as I read the title. You see, I've been going through my own season of brokenness. For the past two and a half years, I've been fighting breast cancer. My body has been broken but also my spirit. Breast cancer does that to you. For a Christ follower, it causes you to reexamine your faith and learn to reevaluate your life. Brokenness becomes a gift if you receive in the way it was intended. I know that's a hard statement for some to swallow but believe me, I am evidence of the fact. The brokenness I have experienced in my journey with cancer has been eye opening and I am thankful God chose this trial specifically for me. I'm thankful He chose to break me of my self sufficiency. In the words of Elisabeth Elliot, "To be a follower of the Crucified means, sooner or later, a personal encounter with the cross. And the cross always entails loss." The loss of my breasts caused me to experience a loss of identity. My brokenness was extremely difficult but necessary. I needed to see my life as Christ saw it. I needed the brokenness to facilitate healing in my life.

In Ann's book, The Broken Way, she explains one of the main tactics of Satan is to attack and distort our identity. She says, "You can feel the hiss slithering up your neck like this deafening replay in your head: Did God really say you were worth anything? Look at you - your're damaged goods. you're too broken to be chosen." And if we believe that lie, Ann says believing that is the same as believing a lie that God isn't enough.

I loved the way Ann uses analogies through her book to help her readers get a clear visual of what she's talking about. Since she lives on a farm, she uses the example of grains of wheat for a lot of her life lessons. She talks about the necessity of the wheat needing to be broken so it can sprout new life and compares it to her own life.

Ann is very open and real in her book. She shares her struggles after the sudden unexpected death of her sister and how she struggled to deal with that. She shares about her deep depression and how she began cutting herself to try to understand the pain she was feeling. She uses her own times of brokenness to help the reader see that brokenness is a necessary part of growth.

This book is deep. It will cause you to do a lot of thinking if you read it. It's a really good book and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's one I'll keep in my collection forever.

I would recommend this book and I give it a 5 star rating. Ann's faith shines through every paragraph of this book. She's so in tune with God and her writing style will immediately draw you in. If you're looking for a life changing book, this one is it!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Watch for the Light - Readings for Advent and Christmas

Watch for the Light - Readings for Advent and Christmas, is a beautiful collection of readings filled with spiritual insight and wisdom. Selections begin on November 24 and continue through January 8 providing the reader with an entire season of reflection up to and preceding the Advent season. Some of the authors included in the collection include Thomas Merton, Phil Yancy, Henri Nouwen, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and many other well known Christian writers.

I was extremely excited to receive this book for review. Advent is always an important time in my home as we prepare for our Christmas celebrations. As I began reading the daily selections, my heart was filled to overflowing. It was evident each selection was carefully chosen and placed in the book to provide the reader with spiritual food for thought.

One selection I particularly enjoyed was written by William Willimon. Willimon begins his article by talking about the difficulty most of us have in being able to accept gifts or compliments. It's not natural and we feel awkward, he implies. He says we're better at being givers and we "enjoy thinking of ourselves as basically generous, benevolent, giving people. That's one reason why everyone, even the nominally religious, loves Christmas. Christmas is a season to celebrate our alleged generosity." He says, "We love Christmas because, as we say, Christmas brings out the best in us. Everyone gives on Christmas, event the stingiest among us, even the Ebeneezer Scrooges." The reason Willimon thinks we're better givers than receivers is because we're proud and arrogant people. But, says William Willimon, as he talks about the biblical account of the first Christmas, "...we are portrayed not as the givers we wish we were but as the receivers we are." He explains what God wanted to do for us was " strange, so beyond the bounds of human effort and striving, that God must resort to utterly unnatural, supernatural means. It tells of an unimaginable gift from a stranger, a God whom we hardly even knew. This strange story tell us how to be receivers." Willimon says God often loves us by giving us gifts we didn't think we needed and these gifts help transform us into people we don't necessarily wish to be. He uses the example of King Ahaz and how Isaiah, the prophet, is begging Ahaz to trust in God's promises to Israel instead of placing his trust in an alliance with Syria. Isaiah warns Ahaz and tells him God is going to give him a sign, a baby. Surely this was not what Ahaz expected as a sign from a mighty God, but it's the sign God gives. It is at this point, Willimon says, "Then this stranger comes to us, blesses us with a gift, and calls us to see ourselves as we are - empty handed recipients of a gracious God who, rather than leave us to our own devices, gave us a baby."  As I read William Willimon's article, I realized his article caused me to focus on Christ Himself. Jesus, the greatest gift of all, was given to all of humankind by God. He didn't expect anything from us in return, but gave His gift freely. The only requirement was that we be ready to receive.

Watch for the Light - Readings for Advent and Christmas is a powerful book filled with a variety of beautiful readings. The main purpose of the collection, according to the Editors, was to encourage a rediscovery of Advent and point the reader toward a season of inward preparation. The editors also want us to know "Advent marks something momentous: God's coming into our mist. That coming is not just something that happened in the past. It is a recurring possibility here and now. And thus Advent is not merely a commemorative event or an anniversary, but a yearly opportunity for us to consider the future, second Advent - the promised coming of God's kingdom on earth."

Thanks to Plough Publishing for allowing me the privilege of reviewing this book in exchange for my honest review. It was my pleasure to read this collection and provide a positive review however I was in no way encouraged to do so.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Gospel in George MacDonald

The Gospel in George MacDonald is a beautiful collection of works from George MacDonald’s many novels, fairy tales, and spiritual writings, This compilation was edited by Marianne Wright. These specific selections were dedicated to Marianne’s grandfather. Marianne’s grandfather was a devoted fan of George MacDonald (but never met him or knew him).  Wright’s collection of MacDonald’s works brings together some of the most profound and lasting selections from his long career. Ms. Wright’s goal, in publishing this book, was to bring together passages from MacDonald’s writings “that best illuminate the good news of Jesus, which was the constant theme and the joy of his life.”

George MacDonald was a Scottish author, poet, and Christian minister. He was a pioneering figure in the field of fantasy literature and had great influence on many of well known authors including C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and G.K. Chesterton. Mr. MacDonald dedicated his life to spreading the gospel and used his love of writing to accomplish this goal. He once said, “People find great fault with me – that I turn my stories into sermons. They forget that I have a Master to serve before I can wait upon the public.”

Mr. MacDonald lived a life of suffering. He dealt with many lung problems most of his life. English winters were hard and several of his children died from tuberculosis. In order to provide a healthier environment for his family, George moved them to Italy where he lived for twenty years. During this time, he wrote over twenty two books. A short while later, MacDonald and his family moved to England. George and his wife, Louisa, celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary and the following year, his wife died. After his wife’s death, MacDonald rarely spoke but spent his days longing for the next life.

George MacDonald had a beautiful and clear understanding of the gospel of Christ. It impacted him so profoundly he felt the need to share his faith daily. Besides his personal faith in God, frequent themes found in his writing include discipleship, and conscience. He firmly believed God uses events of each day to teach and lead his followers. He called it “the holy present.”

I found this collection of his works intriguing. Even though I attended seminary and have a degree in Christian ministry, I had not heard of George MacDonald before reading this book. G. K. Chesterton and C. S. Lewis helped bring the works of MacDonald the recognition he so well deserved. Without their influence, perhaps his works would still be unknown to many today.

I particularly enjoyed reading an excerpt from his novel Lilith. George MacDonald’s brilliant use of imagery allowed me to feel as if I were standing in the midst of the dense forest searching my soul.

I would recommend this collection of works to anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of George MacDonald’s Christian worldview. Although he is not as well-known as C. S. Lewis or J. R. R. Tolkien, his works paved the way for them and gave them freedom to delve into the same type of writing.

I would like to thank Plough Publishing for giving me an opportunity to review this book. I was not encouraged to give a positive review however it is my pleasure to do so.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

NIV Holy Bible for Girls - Journal Edition (book review)

The beautiful cover
The new NIV Holy Bible for girls - Journal Edition, is a beautiful, hardcover Bible. With a modern floral design on the cover, it immediately draws the reader in and beckons creativity to begin. Inside the front cover is a special presentation page perfect for gift giving.

This Bible is designed to encourage the reader to journal thoughts and notes along the sides of each page in spacious lined margins. With the increased popularity of Bible journaling, the NIV Holy Bible for Girls, is the perfect starting place for those just getting beginning this special spiritual discipline. Girls of all ages will enjoy this pretty Bible, but most especially those aged 8-18.  The New International Version (NIV) of the Holy Bible is easy to read and understand and will allow readers to instantly grasp the concept of God's Holy Word.

Features of the Bible include:

  • Beautifully designed hard cover
  • Presentation page
  • How to Use This Bible instruction page
  • Elastic closure strap
  • Wide lined margins for journaling, notes, or drawing
  • Thicker paper perfect for use with markers and pens
  • Ribbon marker
  • Easy to read font
  • Weights and Measures chart
  • The presentation page
  • Easy to understand New International Version
I have an 8 year old granddaughter and I allowed her to preview the NIV Holy Bible for Girls with me. The first things she said when she picked up the Bible was "this is so pretty!" As I watched her reaction while flipping through the pages, I knew she wanted one of these Bibles for her very own. I explained the lined areas in the margins were perfect for writing special notes or words God impressed upon your heart. She was thrilled to know it was okay to write in a Bible and wanted to know more about Bible journaling. 

The NIV Holy Bible for Girls would make a wonderful gift that would be treasured for many years to come. I am very impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of this beautiful Bible. 

I would like to thank Handlebar Publishing for allowing me the opportunity to review this Bible in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not encouraged to give a positive review although it is my pleasure to do so!

All the Pretty Things - a book review

Edie Wadsworth, author of All the Pretty Things, writes a heartfelt memoir about growing up in Appalachia. The daughter of a broken family, Ms. Wadsworth candidly shares her story of heartbreak and hope. 

The story begins as Edie allows us to enter into her childhood growing up in the poorest part of the Tennessee foothills. As a young girl, Edie learns quickly that life is full of disappointments and heartache. Not only does she struggle with having her physical needs met, she also struggles with having her emotional needs met. Edie lives with her father in a dilapidated trailer park. Her father, a heavy drinker, often neglects the needs of Edie and her sister. Although Edie's father is often drunk, he tries to make light of the situation finding ways to feed Edie with laughter. But the laughter and silliness don't do the trick. Edie needs more. 

When their trailer home burns down, Edie and her family move in with Edie's grandmother. The extended family are as poor as Edie and her father but together, they pool resources and manage to eek out a living. Edie is constantly searching for the love she so desperately needs and seeks it from not only her father but also her estranged mother. Neither of her parents are able to give Edie what she needs but she clings to hope. 

As the story progresses, we see Edie drawing us more deeply into her story of vulnerability. The deep wounds created by unmet needs turn Edie from relying on her Earthly father to looking toward her Heavenly Father. 

I found this book challenging to read as I reached the middle section. I grew tired of reading the same type scenarios without much action or story line. The author writes well and this is an actual memoir so perhaps I was expecting too much. In any event, I think those who enjoy reading about true life stories in poverty stricken areas of the Appalachians might find this book enjoyable. 

I would like to thank Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Beyond Suffering Bible - book review

It was a bright and beautiful day. My granddaughter had come to visit. At three years of age, her favorite thing to do is play and oh, how she loves to be outdoors. Since I'm her favorite playmate, I never mind when her little hand reaches out for mine begging me to join her in a game of tossing the ball. As we head outside, her tiny laughter melts my heart. We tossed the ball back and forth for several minutes. Her eye hand coordination hasn't developed fully yet so she missed the ball often. Though she didn't mind, she found it funny to ask me to retrieve the ball whenever she missed. Being a good grandmother, I obeyed her gentle commands and chased after the rogue ball. This toss and miss game continued and we reveled in laughter. Once more, she threw the ball my way and it skittered down a leaf strewn path. I ran to gather the ball in my arms and in a split second, found myself on the ground. There had been a hole and I'd found it. As I lay upon the cold ground, my daughter came running over to see if I was okay. I sat up and told her I didn't know. I needed to sit there a few minutes and gather my wits about me. A few minutes passed and I thought I was probably just suffering hurt pride, but when I tried to stand, I felt a searing pain in my left wrist. It was abnormally shaped and swelling rapidly. At my daughter's insistence, we went to the doctor. After having my wrist x-rayed and examined, the verdict was in - a fractured wrist.

At close to sixty years of age, I'm no spring chicken. The next few days were filled with a throbbing pain. I quickly found myself unable to do the most menial tasks. It was frustrating to be suffering and I didn't like it one bit.

Later that day, the mail came. I'd received a package. I could tell from the size and shape that it was a book. Trying to open the package with one hand was difficult, but I managed. Inside I found a new Bible. As I pulled out the book, I read the title, "The Beyond Suffering Bible." I had to laugh! God's timing is always perfect. I slipped it out of the casing and flipped it open. The first page I came to was a beautiful devotional written about Joseph. I read it carefully and was impressed with the tender way it was written. I could imagine Joseph sitting in a dungeon year after year wondering if he'd been forgotten. But as I read the devotional, I was reminded that even in the midst of difficult circumstances, God is faithful. He does not forget us or fail to see our suffering. What a beautiful reminder as I glanced down at my throbbing wrist. Though my injury in now way compared to all Joseph experienced, it was still important to me. It impacted my life and caused me to struggle.

I continued to look through the Bible. It was too heavy to hold with only one arm, so I lay it on the table. I noticed several things about the Bible. Not only did it have devotionals throughout, it also had connection points, little reminders of how God works in our own lives. They contained practical solutions and helpful hint along with Scripture application. Profiles on important Biblical characters were included and were written to help readers grasp details about these individuals. I also noticed at the beginning of each book of the Bible, an introduction was given. These introductions included important information and contained themes related to suffering and disability.

Joni Earekson Tada has been one of my role models for some time. Due to an unfortunate diving accident, Joni was left a paraplegic at a young age. Through her suffering, Joni developed a beautiful relationship with Christ. Years of pain and physical disability caused her faith to grow stronger day by day. She has used her life to glorify God and her ministry has helped others learn to look to Christ for their strength. Joni was the perfect person to compile the beautiful Beyond Suffering Bible. She knows first hand what a life of suffering involves. (You can watch a short video of Joni here.)

My broken wrist has caused me to be unable to blog or write for the past few weeks. These are two of my favorite things to do. Since I'd committed to write reviews for several Christian companies, I had no idea how I would keep those commitments. I surely didn't feel like typing with one hand. It would have been too difficult. But I found a way to honor my commitment and was very grateful. By using a voice to text typing program, I completed today's book review. I have many more weeks of being incapacitated as my wrist heals. Thankfully, the pain has eased some but still affects my daily tasks. As I focus on all the things I can't do because of my wrist, I'm reminded, through the devotionals in the Beyond Suffering Bible, that often God uses trials and suffering to teach us.

I'm thankful I received this Bible at the perfect time! God used it to minister to me and I'm sure He will use it to minister to you as well. What a perfect gift this book would make for anyone dealing with pain or injury. It would also be a wonderful reference for those who are either just coming out of a season of suffering or just entering one.

I would like to thank Tyndale House Publishers for the complimentary copy of the Beyond Suffering Bible and for giving me the opportunity to review it for them. It was my pleasure and I was in no way encouraged to write a positive review.

The Beyond Suffering Bible is written in the New Living Translation which makes it very easy to read and understand.

Learn more about the Beyond Suffering Bible here

Joni Earekson Tada talks about the Beyond Suffering Bible here

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Charlie the Tramp - a children's book review

I was first introduced to Russell Hoban when my children were young. His series of children's books featuring a badger as the main character caught their attention quickly. Bedtime for Frances was one of their favorites and we read it often as they were preparing for bed. Mr. Hoban began writing books for children's in the the late 1950s. He was trained as an illustrator and wrote copy for advertising agencies. He also produced paintings for books and magazines. Mr. Hoban preferred writing over illustration and passed the illustrating of his books on to others.

Today, I had the pleasure of reading another of Russell Hoban's books, Charlie the Tramp. This classic was first written in 1966 and has been re-released in a beautiful 50th anniversary hardcover edition. In this delightful little book, Charlie, a beaver, decides he wants to go off into the world to become a tramp. He has decided the life of a tramp is much more desirable than that of a beaver and much easier, too. The story develops as Charlie shares his decision with his parents and his grandfather. In an excerpt from the book, Charlie says, "Tramps don't have to learn how to chop down trees and how to roll logs and how to build dams. Tramps just tramp around and have a good time. Tramps carry sticks with little bundles tied to them. They sleep in a field when the weather is nice, and when it rains they sleep in a barn."

I was pleased to find the presentation of good morals and values in the story line. Charlie learns he has the right to make up his own mind as his parents give him the freedom to do so. Charlie learns, after setting out on his own, that being who he was supposed to be wasn't so bad after all.

This hardcover book is geared toward children ages 3-8 but would appeal to children of all ages. The book is illulstrated by Lillian Hoban, wife of Russell Hoban. The photos in the book are done in black and white. Each drawing has a whimsical nature that children will love.

Charlie the Tramp received the Boys Club of America Junior Book Award in 1968. The author, now deceased, leaves quite a legacy of beautifully written books for young readers. A complete list of Mr. Hoban's books can be found here.

I would like to thank Plough Publishing for giving me an opportunity to review this wonderful children's book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The book was presented for my honest review and I was not encouraged to provide a positive review.

The book can be purchased through Plough Publishing by clicking here. It can also be purchased on Amazon.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The One Year Book of Healing - a book review

The One Year Book of Healing, Daily Appointments with God for Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional Wholeness, by Dr. Reggie Anderson, is a wonderful book. It's filled with devotionals for each day of the year.

Dr. Reggie Anderson is a primary care physician practicing medicine in a small rural area of Tennessee. He's been in practice for thirty years and has learned much about God's faithfulness in healing. Through stories involving some of his patients over the years, Dr. Anderson shares encouraging words regarding the way God continues to work in and through lives. In writing the book, Dr. Anderson hopes readers will be inspired to have hope. He says, " The devotions in this book are meant to encourage you to pursue a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I want you to see the many ways he intervenes in the lives of the sick and hurting and the many ways that he heals so that you will be inspired to have hope; the faith to know he can bring healing to our life, as well; and the patience to wait for him to act on your behalf. I want you to see what I see every day - that God is alive and that he is active in our lives."

The book is divided into twelve months and there is a devotional for each day of each month. At the beginning of the month, Dr. Anderson provides a checkup - a short overview of what might be expected during that month. As each month comes to a close, Dr. Anderson provides a booster shot, a short encouragement toward better health for the following month. Each devotional begins with a Scripture reference and following the reference is a story of healing formed into a meaningful devotion. Dr. Anderson uses his own personal interactions with patients to provide a relatable message.  At the end of the devotional, Dr. Anderson makes a suggestion, in the form of a prescription for the day (Today's Rx), suggestions a specific way the reader can feel better or grow stronger. 

Since we're currently in the month of October, I began my reading there. At the beginning of the October devotions, Dr. Anderson lists his October Checkup. Listen to the way the month begins: "October brings the smell of crisp apples and the color of pumpkins and falling leaves. As the air takes on a chill, we pull on our favorite sweaters and boots. There's no better time for a walk to enjoy the tapestry of trees transitioning from summer to winter in hues of burnt gold, rustic brown and bright orange....take a few moments in October to share gifts of kindness with those who are least suspecting." Dr. Anderson's writing style is very descriptive and instantly draws the reader into the book. October's booster shot gives a healthy tip on how to stay well. "As the cooler air drives us inside, we tend to sit more and eat more carbohydrates, leading to an increased risk of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. So get outside and walk. Exercise will help to prevent many chronic illnesses." 

I like the way the author gives practical tips and uses encouragement as he writes. Each devotional is well thought out and revolves around the true story of one of Dr. Anderson's experiences in the medical field. Names and circumstances have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved but Dr. Anderson weaves real life situations with spiritual truths into a beautiful tapestry of words. 

This book would make a lovely gift. I am thankful to have received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review from Tyndale House Publishing. It has been my honor and joy to review this book although I was not encouraged to give a positive review.

Purchase the book on Amazon here.

Purchase the book on here

Monday, August 29, 2016

Answers to the Most Important Questions About the End Times... A Book Review

Answers to the Most Important Questions About the End Times" by John Hart is full of important information regarding the end times. The book is around 189 pages and covers many topics. The author, Dr. John Hart, Professor at Moody Bible Institute researched his topics well and provides very detailed information to help the reader understand clearly what the Bible says about each subject. Some of the titles included in the book:

Why Should I be Interest in Bible Prophecy?
Will Christians Be Raptured and Escape the Tribulation?
Who is the AntiChrist?
What is Armageddon?
What is the Final Judgment, adn the New Heaven and New Earth?

With today's world events pointing toward end time prophecy, I was more than excited to read this book. For years, I've studied the book of Revelation and have had great peace knowing how the "story" turns out. As a Christian, I'm secure. I know my future is secure but for those unsaved, the future can be scary. This book provides answers for both the saved and unsaved person. As Dr. Hart tackles difficult questions, he clearly and precisely provides answers that not only settle the reader's mind but offer hope to those who may not know Christ as their Savior.
Dr. John Hart, author

As a seminary graduate and long time student of the Bible, I am a Pre-Tribulation believer. This means I believe the Bible says we, as the body of Christ, will be raptured before the Great Tribulation occurs. I was pleased to find Dr. Hart, in his book, agrees with this vein of thinking as the Bible clearly states events to support the Pre-Trib theory. Some who do not believe in this way of thinking may not want to read a book that supports it.

I feel like this book would be a great tool of reference for anyone wishing to learn more about the end times. Dr. Hart possesses a Doctorate of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and is well versed on all things related to Biblical History therefore, I felt his book was credible and sound.

I'd like to thank Bethany House Publishers for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for my honest opinion of the book. I was not encouraged to give a favorable review.

If you're interested in reading about the End Times, you can purchase this book here.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Caregiving Season Finding Grace to Honor Your Aging Parents by Jane Daly - a Book Review

Jane Daly, author
The Caregiving Season, Finding Grace to Honor Your Aging Parents by Jane Daly is a well written book that deals with a difficult subject. Ms. Daly's book provides insight and encouragement for those currently dealing with aging parents and also for those about to enter this season of their lives. Ms. Daly lives in California with her husband, Mike and helps to watch over her 92 year old mother on a daily basis.

I loved the way Ms. Daly wrote her book. She used personal experiences to help the reader understand the challenges of caring for an aging parent. As I read Ms. Daly's stories, I was impressed with her openness and honesty. Several of the incidents she described in caring for her aging Father before his death hit home for me as I'd experienced very similar challenges with my Father before went home to glory. As she talked about the trials she's faced with her aging Mother, I could relate to each one as I am also helping care for my invalid Mother.

The Caregiving Season is a wonderful guidebook that points the reader to Christ as each challenge comes along. There are helpful tips and advice as well as heart wrenching stories of personal trial. I wish I'd had this book before going through lung cancer with my Father. It would have given me great peace to know some of the feelings and challenges I faced were also faced by others. I am thankful to have the book now and will use it often in the days ahead as my Mother continues to decline. In the book, Ms. Daly spoke about the importance of setting boundaries while extending grace to our aging parent. I found this bit of information extremely helpful. Ms. Daly said, "When you're in the position of caring for your parent, it's easy to revert to being a child again, especially if your relationship was never healthy to begin with. It can be difficult to create a boundary as an adult if no boundaries previously existed." She also states, "We need to be flexible and be able to shift boundary lines as we adjust to the new reality." Ms. Daly gives 3 steps to setting boundaries. The first step is to pray about how to approach the parent. Enlisting the prayer support of a friend or pastor may be necessary. Step two is to learn to speak humbly and with grace. She encourages the caregiver to learn to speak using "I" statements instead of "You" statements such as "I feel sad when you say those things to me." The third step in creating boundaries is to be prepared for some pushback or resistance. She says you can't expect things to change instantly. Another area I found very helpful was Ms. Daly's advice on choosing our battles. She points the caregiver to Colossians 4:6 which says, "Let your conversation be always full of grace." She says that verse helped her understand that sometimes it's important to bit your tongue instead of "responding to a barb."

At the end of each chapter, Ms. Daly includes Grace Growers thoughts and questions. These helpful points provided a lot of insight regarding how God views the care of aging parents. A sample of some of the Grace Growers from chapter 9, The Line in the Sand:

  • Consider some of the parental boundaries you set with your children. Do you also need to set some boundaries with your aging loved ones for their good and yours?
  • Do you have a need to be "right" all the time? Think about how you can lay thath aside and focus on your parents' needs. 
  • Mediate on Proverbs 16:24 and Galatians 5:22-23: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Against such things there is no law." Focus on exercising self-control. Think about how your words can be sweet to your loved ones' ears. Remember, "A gentle answer turns away wrath." Proverbs 15:1
The Caregiving Season is filled with wisdom and would be a great addition to anyone's personal library. I think this book should be readily available to caregivers and should be provided by hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities that promote elder care. I am going to personally recommend this book to anyone facing the challenge of caring for an aging parent or other relative. 

I would like to thank Tyndale House Publishers for the opportunity to review this book. I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review and I was not encouraged to provide a positive review. 

You may purchase the book on Amazon by clicking here

365 Pocket Morning Prayers, Strength and Joy to Begin Each Day - A Book Review

The 365 Pocket Morning Prayers, Strength and Joy to Begin Each Day is a beautiful little devotional book compiled by David R. Veerman, Senior Editor of the Life Application Study Bible. Mr. Veerman was born in Chicago and raised in Rockford, Illinois, He received his B.A. from Wheaton College and his M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical School. Mr. Veerman and his wife, Gail, live in Naperville, Illinois, and are active in Naperville Presbyterian Church. They have two grown daughters, Dana and Kara, and one granddaughter. Mr. Veerman worked for 26 years with Youth for Christ both in the Campus Life ministry in Illinois and Louisiana, and at YFC headquarters as the national campus life director. He has authored more than 60 books.
Mr. David Veerman, author

Inside this little devotional book, the reader will find daily prayers to help guide them into each new day. The prayers are written simplistically and with great honesty. They are purposely written to cause the reader to look to God for answers. Along with each prayer page, the reader will find an accompanying Scripture that ties into the prayer perfectly. The Scripture verses included are displayed in the easy to understand New Living Translation of the Bible. The devotional prayers included in the book can be read randomly or in order. A topical index is included at the back of the book to aid the reader in seeking prayer for specific needs.

The small size of the book will make it handy for travel. Approximate measurements are 4.1 x 1 x 6 inches. The 365 Pocket Morning Prayers book is bound with a beautiful light blue leather like material and weighs just a little over 8 ounces. It's a little larger than the average shirt pocket but will conveniently fit into a purse or travel bag without adding much weight. This book would make a great gift or keepsake and can be used over and over again.

I would like to thank Tyndale House Publishers for the opportunity to review this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not encouraged to provide a positive review of this book.

Gratitude A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal - book review

The front cover
I was so excited to receive the new coloring journal from Tyndale House Publishers. As a Bible journaler, I'm always happy to see books come out that make journaling fun and easy. Gratitude, a Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal is a beautifully compiled book of Scripture, prayers, illustrations and journaling pages. This new book is part of the Living Expressions Collection published by Tyndale House. It's a very colorful hard cover book that would be perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself.
A sample prayer & journal page

Bible journaling has become a very popular hobby. Journalers are always looking for new ways to use their creativity to honor God and this book will help aid Bible journalers in meeting that need to create while absorbing Scripture at the same time.

The book contains a prayer and complimentary verse of Scripture on select pages and adjacent to the prayer page, an artistic coloring page or journaling space is found. Throughout the book, there are such beautiful illustrations. Some of the illustrations contain a small amount of color but most are completely black and white ready for the artist's imagination to complete. The layout of the book will encourage beginner and experienced Bible journalers to spend time focused on the Word in a creative and fun way. All types of art mediums can be used in this book. The pages are thick enough to prevent bleed through from markers or even some types of paints. The pages are also sewn into this well made book allowing it to lay flat for creative expression.
A sample journal prompt & coloring page

Using the coloring journal will help the reader focus on God's Word. The creativity it inspires will make the reader look forward to each day and provide joy during Bible study.

I think Gratitude, a Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal will be a best seller. I'm so grateful for being allowed to review this book and would like to take time to thank Tyndale House Publishers for providing this opportunity in exchange for my honest opinion.
Another example of one of the pages

For more Bible journaling creativity, visit Tyndale's Inspire Creativity Pinterest board.

And check out more creative and coloring journal products by visiting here.

Friday, July 15, 2016

When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin - a book review

This was my first time reading a Charles Martin novel. The book was recommended to me by a friend with high accolades. As I began reading it, I was pleasantly surprised to find the story was set in a small Georgia town. Since I'm a Georgia native, I knew immediately I'd find this book interesting. 
The story revolves around a little girl named Annie. Annie has a way of capturing the hearts of those around her and for a good reason. Annie has some major health problems. Her parents are dead. She has no insurance and though her life is full of struggles, she finds a way to keep a positive attitude. Annie has a small lemonade stand in the center of town. Every morning she greets the townspeople and offers them her sweet smile along with a cup of lemony drink. She sells her lemonade for 50 cents a glass but the jar beside her stand holds large bills. She's raising money for her own heart transplant and the people in this small town want to help. 
When a stranger comes into town, he has no idea what he's about to encounter. With a past filled with hurts, this stranger befriends Annie and their lives become instantly intertwined. The mysteries of a stranger named Reese come colliding in with Annie's need for a new heart and the healing of his own. 
I loved the way Mr. Martin wrote this story. He used such beautiful descriptive words and instantly drew the reader into the story. The book was filled with familiar Georgia towns and attractions that helped me visualize my native home and as the story unfolds, I felt like I was in the midst of the struggles the characters faced. 
When the book was recommended to me, I was told I'd cry before I completed the book. I didn't believe I'd shed tears but about midway through the book, as one of the characters prays for Annie, I lost it. The prayer was so heartfelt and genuine I couldn't help but be filled with empathy. 
This book is one I'll keep on my forever shelf. There aren't many books that make it to my permanent library but this one is a definite keeper. I loved the way the author allowed faith to be a central theme in this book, too. As a Christian, I love finding books of this caliber and enjoy looking for spiritual depth amid the story lines. 
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you read this book and I really hope you will. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

All But Normal by Shawn Thornton – A Book Review

Recently, I was provided a complimentary copy of the book, All But Normal by Shawn Thornton, in exchange for my honest review.  I always enjoy reading about true life stories written by Christians and how they use their faith to overcome obstacles. All but Normal is such a book. The author, Shawn Thornton, has compiled a memoir about the life of his mother, Bev Thornton and her difficult journey into the world of mental illness. After a tragic automobile accident, Mrs. Thornton becomes someone the family doesn’t quite recognize. Once a gentle, loving woman, Bev Thornton, begins to display uncontrollable fits of anger. She throws things and uses filthy language. Her family struggles to understand and love her in spite of these changes but it is extremely difficult.
Pastor Shawn Thornton

As I read the book, I could sympathize with the author. His open and honest writing allowed me to step into his world and experience the things he was experiencing. When the objects flew across the room, I wanted to duck with him. When the curse words were flung into the air, I cringed along with Shawn.

This real life journey through a life changing trial was captured moment by moment through eyes of love and faith. The author, Shawn Thornton, gave readers a very vivid portrayal of the reality of crisis but also, how faith in Christ can allow a person to rise above circumstances and love the unlovable.

I was very impressed by the authenticity of the author’s faith and would highly recommend this book to anyone who may be interested in studying mental illness, real life experiences, or journeys of faith. Mr. Thornton has a wonderful talent for weaving his faith throughout the story. The book is a very quick read and once started, is hard to put down.

I would like to thank Tyndale House Publishers for allowing me the opportunity to review this book. I was not encouraged to write a positive review. For more information on author, Shawn Thornton, please feel free to visit the sites below: 

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Return to Joy by Bev DeSalvo– a Book Review

Return to Joy is a powerful book! I was impressed by the author’s ability to be so open and honest in telling about her experiences with childhood sexual abuse and how she learned to overcome the feelings of shame and guilt that often accompany such a tragic ordeal. The author, Bev DeSalvo, grew up in a home with an abusive father and an emotionally distant mother. From a very early age, she learned to cope by pretending everything was okay. Wearing masks became a part of her daily life and caused her to become immersed in gaining performance based acceptance. She did whatever necessary to keep the peace in her home and to avoid more painful situations. She did the best she could but it wasn’t good enough and soon, Ms. DeSalvo was contemplating suicide. At the age of nineteen, Bev accepted Christ as her Savior when invited to attend a college outreach program. It was difficult for her to accept the unconditional love of Christ but it was exactly what her heart had been longing for all of her life. The author, after learning her identity in and through Christ, begins to understand and surmount the lies she believed throughout her childhood. As Bev combats those lies with the truth of God’s Word, she quickly learns to identify and refute those lies.   

Return to Joy is a story of overcoming personal tragedy and replacing it with a life filled with joy and hope. Ms. DeSalvo allowed her readers to understand the abuse she suffered as she shared very personal details about her feelings and experiences. As she shared her own experiences, she followed with questions for the reader asking if he or she had suffered similar experiences. She offered practical faith based solutions and always pointed the reader to Christ. I enjoyed the Bible study following each chapter of the book. The questions were well thought out and helped counsel the reader to move past hurtful situations.

In the book, Ms. DeSalvo has a section entitled “Where is God when bad things happen.” I’d like to share an excerpt from that section: Bev says, “I’ve had lots of people try to explain where God was when bad things happened to me. Some said He was in the room, weeping in the corner while I was being abused. That didn’t bring comfort because that would mean that God is passive. Others argued that He was doing His best to protect me, but that the perpetrator wouldn’t listen. Well, doing His best was not good enough for me. That would mean that He is impotent. I could never trust a God who is passive and weak. As I was on my knees in desperation one day, I heard Him speak into my heart. It wasn’t an audible voice, but a miraculous Spirit to spirit encounter. As I listened with spiritual ears, He revealed Himself as the God of angel armies in the heavenly battle that I can’t see. He isn’t passively and impotently standing by, observing our pain and doing nothing. God is actively engaged in heavenly warfare, and electrifying power fills heaven and earth as He wages war against the forces of evil on our behalf…” The author overcame her abuse by learning to walk by faith and shared Scripture passages and details like this throughout the book.

I think this book would be a wonderful tool for Christian counselors or those working with victims of sexual abuse but could also be used for victims of any type of abuse. The goal of this book seems to be helping a person understand and walk in their identity in Christ. By understanding how to move past suffering and pain into fullness of joy, the victim can be truly set free.

The author's writing style is easy to understand and read. There is a familiarity in her writing that causes the reader to feel as if he/she is having a confidential conversation with dear friend. After having read the book, the reader will feel equipped to take on challenges of the past and trials of the future.

This book would make a wonderful gift. It is one I will recommend often to friends and family. I will also be adding this to my personal library of counseling materials. As a lay counselor for a large church, I often find myself using materials such as these to help my clients.

I would like to thank Tyndale House Publishers for giving me the opportunity to review Return to Joy. It was my honor and privilege to write this review although I was not encouraged in any way to give a positive review for the company. If you know anyone who has been sexually abused please share this book with them. It will bless them and help them move forward with their life. 

You can purchase the book here on Amazon

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Africa Study Bible Kickstarter Launch program

Weeks ago, I shared with you about the new Africa Study Bible and the vision of Oasis International to provide a Bible to the people of Africa. A Kickstarter launch program was begun with the goal of raising $100,000 to help fund the Bible. To date, $13,000 has been raised but there's much more needed to make the $100,000 goal a reality. My prayer is that everyone who reads my blog will take a moment to visit the Kickstarter site and donate as God impresses upon your heart. If you'd like to read a sample of the work being done on this project, you can download the app for your cell phone by clicking here.

The Africa Study Bible is a wonderful project and will touch the lives of so many African people with God's Word in a language they can understand. For the past six years, this project has grown from a vision to a reality as 350 writers and editors from over 40 African countries have worked diligently to compile God's Word into a one of a kind Bible developed for Africans by Africans. The president of Oasis International, Dr. Matthew Elliott, says "With the ASB, we're bringing the power of Scripture to Africa in a new and culturally relevant way." He also says, "This is an unprecedented project that will impact the global church."

The Africa Study Bible is designed to grow the faith of African church members and teach them to evangelize the people around them. It will also help them gain a clear biblical worldview of their society. The Africa Study Bible is being printed in the New Living Translation, which will provide the African people with an easy and concise understanding of Scripture in today's language. There will be 2,400 features in the Bible which include application notes, stories, proverbs, touch-points, notes that explain basic theology and major themes found in the God's Word. Oasis International plans to release the first copies of the Africa Study Bible in English but also will provide translations in French and Portuguese soon thereafter. A full featured app is currently being developed for the study Bible.

The editorial for this new Bible is nearly complete and Oasis, along with partners, is inviting fellow Christians to join in and help them get the ASB into the hands of the African people. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched today. Their goal is to raise one million dollars in the hopes of being able to print the first 100,000 copies. The fundraising program will run from April 18, 2016 through June 16, 2016. If you'd like to participate in the fundraising, click here. As a thank you for your generous donation, you'll have the opportunity to receive various incentives ranging from beautiful one of a kind artwork prints to limited edition Italian leather copies of the ASB. There will also be some all expense paid trips including a real African safari! (You can watch the Kickstarter video here.)

Dr. Elliot says, "Our goal is to have the first run of the ASB available in Africa by the end of 2016. We already know of more than 100 million people in denominations and movements in Africa whose leaders want to use the ASB for discipleship so there is a lot of anticipation throughout the continent."

It's exciting to see such a global effort come to fruition. Oasis International has partnered with Tyndale House Publishers to create this unique study Bible along with other well known participants such as Campus Crusade for Christ, Willow Creek and Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, Moody Broadcasting.

Dr. Elliott says, "We've seen the hand of God in amazing ways throughout the development of this project." Dr. John Jusu, the supervising editor of the ASB, says,"The content of the ASB is bubbling up from the cultures of Africa. The biblical truth is percolating through our own cultures and stories to create a rich and textured tapestry that Africans can claim as their own."

Won't you join this exciting project to help fulfill the Great Commission? In Matthew 28:16-20 God gave us this mandate to go into the world and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. He commanded us to make disciples of all nations and told us to baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But the Bible also tells us how can they believe if they have not heard? How can they hear if no one tells them? The new Africa Study Bible will speak to Africans in language they can clearly understand and it will provide the means for these spiritually hungry people to be fed with the gospel. Let's do our part to help spread God's Word by getting behind this project and helping raise the funds to exceed the current goal of one million dollars. Won't you join me? I hope you will!!! Please share this blog post and help get the information out about this new Bible. Remember to tell your friends about the great prizes that will be offered as they donate and thanks in advance for your help!

"Then the eleven disciples left for Galilee, going to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw him, they worshiped him—but some of them doubted! Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:16-20

"But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!” Romans 10:14-15

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lessons from the East by Bob Roberts Jr. - a book review

I review a lot of books and sometimes the information I glean from them can be overwhelming and not always in a good way. Recently, I received a complimentary copy of  Lessons from the East, Finding the future of Western Christianity in the Global Church by Bob Roberts Jr., from Handlebar Publishing. This book was filled with information that not only touched my heart but enlightened my viewpoint on Christianity both in America and areas around the world.

As I read the book, I was immediately taken aback. Within the first few chapters, I found myself rethinking how our faith in Christ is presented here in America. As the author shares, American's are often focusing on building megachurches filled with thousands of members that offer programs to keep the members engaged and satisfied. They become self centered and cliquish. They quickly forget to center their focus on reaching the community for Christ and become their own little empire. Mr. Roberts says "Instead of being salt and light, we've become tasteless and dark." He says, "How can we be salt and light if we aren't engaged with decay and darkness?" As I read those words, I really began to think about my own church and how often we forget the community and only focus on our own members.

Mr. Roberts helped me see, through his statements in the book, that American churches today are fearful of engaging and ministering to people from other nationalities. American churches see themselves as being set apart and set above those of other Christian nations. We tend to focus on making the peoples from other nations projects instead of ministering to them solely as Christ would. We tend to shift our focus from sharing the love of Christ and serving those around us with humble hearts and instead defend our own turf.

I agree with Bob Roberts, Jr., when he says, "Great worship services don't change the world; empowered, impassioned disciples do." He states that people in our communities aren't necessarily looking at the quality of our worship or to see if we have something to offer them but instead, they're looking for people with the qualities and values of the Sermon on the Mount. His statement, "When people of other faiths (or no faith) see the disconnection between our worship on Sunday and our lives on Monday through Saturday, they assume we have nothing to offer them" was powerful to me and made me want to re-examine my own life.

Mr. Roberts wrote his book with the intention of opening the eyes of pastors and others in the ministry. He wanted to help them see what we are doing wrong and how we can fix it. I loved reading about pastors in other countries, like Sam Sung Kim and Eddy Leo. Their view of serving the community was almost identical. The main focus was on the "Up relationship with the Father" since everything comes from God. Next comes the "In relationship" how we related love and concern to in our relationship with others and lastly, comes the "Out relationship" which focuses on how we serve God in our community. This viewpoint, the Eastern Christian cultural view, was vastly different from the Western Christian viewpoint among most American churches. Instead of focusing on me and mine, the Eastern churches focused on building disciples for Christ.

As I continued to read this book, I gleaned an entirely different view of how our Christian faith should be shared with others. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to read, Lessons from the East, Finding the Future of Western Christianity in the Global Church by Bob Roberts, Jr. If pastors around our country would take time to read and take to heart the many lessons compiled in this book, there would be amazing changes in our country that could impact the world for Christ.

I would like to thank Handlebar Publishing for giving me an opportunity to review this book in exchange for my honest review. It was a pleasure to read this book and I will keep it in my reference library to share with others. I would highly recommend this book to anyone involved in ministry or anyone hoping to learn how to better minister to others.