Monday, June 15, 2009

24 days and counting!

It's been a while since I've updated this blog and I apologize for that, but things have been very busy in my life. There's so much to do to get prepared to go on a mission trip. There are team meetings and planning sessions...learning the language of the country and more!

Learning a foreign language is difficult at my age! I learned Spanish when I was in high school and still remember a lot of it, but this language that I'm currently learning is very, very challenging. I am just praying I can learn key phrases like "where is the bathroom?", "I am an American", "where is the embassy?", you know, all the important ones!

Besides learning the language, I've been trying to come up with my lesson plans for teaching. I'll be teaching a variety of subjects that revolve around etiquette and manners. It's a challenge to find fun and creative ways to teach students how to set an American table or how to use proper phone etiquette, but my ESL training should help in this area.

As the days draw closer, I can't help but rely on God even more than I have the day/minute/hour before! I feel so inadequate to do what he's called me to do, but I guess that's a good thing because it just reminds me that I can't rely on my own strength to do this...I have to trust in and rely on Him. I can only be a branch on the vine...a branch through which His powerful life flows...just a branch...that's a very sobering thought, but an excellent reminder that it is not me who is going to do this, it's all about Him.

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