Monday, January 30, 2017

Addicts at the Cross by Larry Skrant (book review)

Addicts at the Cross is a Christian 9 step program written by Larry Skrant. Mr. Skrant is very familiar with the problem of addiction. He was convicted and served three prison sentences as a result of his addictive lifestyle. During his third stay in prison, his life was dramatically changed when he received a letter from one of his young daughters. The child had written to ask if her Daddy still remembered her. Mr. Skrant was heartbroken and felt no child should have to ask if her father remembered her. In the book's introduction, Larry Skrant said, "The Lord used that letter to convict me of my sins. In my prison cell, I fell to my knees and called on His name. At that moment, I was saved and spiritually set free. Several years later, I would be set free again. Fourteen years before my anticipated release date, I was physically set free as I walked out of prison with a new heart and a new message."

After turning his life over to Christ, Mr. Skrant founded Changed Lives Ministries and found himself being presented with opportunities to preach all over the world. He had a deep desire to help those suffering from addiction and wanted to provide a Christ centered program for them to follow. Using the Alcoholics Anonymous program as a model, along with the program set forth by Alcoholics for Christ, Larry Skrant developed the Addicts at the Cross program. His program, a 9 step Christian program dealt with the root problems of addiction from a biblical point of view. It allowed addicts an opportunity of learning how to live free from addictions by centering their lives around Christ.

One of the main goals of the program is to help the addict understand their complete identity in Christ. After understanding who they are and how Christ loves them, these men and women find old habits and desires changing. As they work through the 9 steps, the addicts are equipped with the vital tools necessary for living an abundant life.

The Addicts at the Cross 9 Step Program contains a very unique guide and workbook. Each of the 9 steps is covered in detail by using clear and concise explanations. Notes are provided that expound on covered topics and practical examples are included. Scripture references and verses are provided in the King James translation of the Holy Bible.

The 9 steps covered in the program and a brief synopsis of each are:

  1. Admit - I admit my life is not my own and is beyond my ability to manage or control. 
  2. Believe - I believe that the God I need to restore my life and make me whole is to be found in the person of Jesus Christ. 
  3. Decide - I have decided to turn from things of the past and ask Jesus to be manager of my life.
  4. Search - I have made an honest search and inventory of myself.
  5. Acknowledge - I acknowledge my inventory to be true and seek to eliminate that which is not God's will for my life. 
  6. Change - I am willing to change and allow God to change me. 
  7. Ask - I ask God to forgive me and to change me through His Holy Spirit. 
  8. Restore - I have made a list of people my actions have affected and have asked how I can make things right. 
  9. Pursue - Daily, I seek to know and live out God's will, plan and purpose for my life. 
The book is designed to be an interactive workbook. There are spacious areas in the side margins of the book for making notations. Also included is a detailed list of terms and definitions. There are word studies based on information from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance to help the reader understand the Fruit of the Spirit. A basic Bible exercise is also included in the back of the book. This handy exercise can be used in meetings to help those without a biblical background. 

I found Addicts at the Cross to well designed. Each step is explained in great detail and builds upon the next. The workbook is designed with step by step instructions that give the facilitator an easy to follow guide. 

Mr. Skrant did an excellent job of providing a sound Christ centered program. I'm sure many will be blessed by the contents of this book. 

I would like to thank Aneko Press for providing me with a copy of Addicts at the Cross in exchange for my review. I was in no way encouraged to provide a positive review.  This book will be released March 1, 2017 and is available for pre-order here

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